Shortland Street in March

A turmoil of emotions leads to a grand gesture, when competition for the affections of Nurse Shanti Kumari reaches fever pitch.
The arrival of Shanti’s betrothed Dinesh to Ferndale, has only served to put more pressure on the already shaky romance between Shanti and nursing manager James ‘Scotty’ Scott.
When Dinesh decides he will compete for Shanti’s affections, Scotty has to up his game to convince Shanti that their relationship is worth fighting for.
Knowing that Dinesh has already promised Shanti a long term future, Scotty takes a leap of faith, catching Shanti completely off her guard.
Is Shanti ready to take their relationship to the next level? And if so, how will her disapproving family cope with the news of her chosen path in love?

Tuesday Warner mixes with her own kind this month on Shortland Street.
Since being welcomed back into the folds of the Warner family, she’s found it tough settling into a normal teenage life in Ferndale. As well as going back to school, she’s been making new friends with the likes of Sophie McKay. And when Sophie introduces her to her guy mates Tane, Wiremu and Angus, Tuesday develops a bit of a teenage crush.
Having another girl in the mix may serve to create a bit of competition for the confident Sophie – especially if Tuesday has her eye on the wrong boy. Who is the object of young Tuesday’s affections – and will Sophie approve of her choice?

“What’s up Doc?” has been the question on everyone’s lips recently, as Shortland Street’s popular Dr. Sarah Potts has been losing her cool amidst the busy hospital wards.
With the constant stresses of a high pressure job, marriage and future family plans, the strain is certainly starting to show, but hardworking Dr. Potts isn’t prepared to admit there may be darker issues at play.
This March Dr. Potts finds a new project to focus on – and it seems that things in her life may be looking up.
When a spate of young drivers are brought into ED with life threatening injuries, Sarah decides that the driving age is too young – and throws herself into a crusade to protect young teen drivers.

Libby Jeffries is up to her neck in boys this month, but things are not going her way.
In a bid to make ex-boyfriend Kieran Mitchell jealous, she’s been dating the suave Sunil Kumar but when she decides the games have gone too far, wolfish Sunil won’t back down easily.
Libby has to go to extreme lengths to stave off his advances and even resorts to using boy-pal Gerald Tippett to get her point across.
What Libby doesn’t bargain for is that Gerald may have taken their moment a little too seriously.
Does Gerald have designs on Libby and will his interfering ruin Libby and Kieran’s chances for love once and for all?

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Kyle Wadsworth is a trained multimedia journalist with a passion for film and television - notably Westside and Outrageous Fortune! Also known as TuiKiwi (the name of which has also featured on Outrageous Fortune as a guest-starring beer brand).
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  • Lani Cross

    Sarah Potts is the worst woman on the planet…….along with Toni Warner, talk about ruining the program with their bitchn an moanin and carryin on an not to mention the ugly looks…..ring da pound an ask if theres a kennel for the both of them!!!!

  • markienz

    Sarah and Toni are one of the finest actress on the television. They are allowed to moan about things just like you are doing right now, they are not that ugly, you are just jealous. Sarah and Toni are played by an actresses who have feelings, be considerable, and there are people who are like them out there, they are just portray a role.

  • reece_555

    yaaaaaawwwwwwnnnnnn is that all… i think ratings will be taking a slight dive come wednesday for shorty espically if this is all they are offering boring love storys & the scotty & shanti storyline which has gone on for long enough and the teens of the show always a reason to watch king of the hill.

  • Liesel

    Sarah Potts is a ponderous, whiny and high maintenance character. If she wrinkles her nose or grimaces once more I’ll throw something at the tv. Libby’s high maintenance and highly strung too but at least she’s good for a laugh.

  • Charter Obligation

    I think there are lots of good looking girls on the show at the moment… and lots of mean people commenting on this story!

    When will Gerald take his shirt off though?

  • Jack Frost

    Shortland Street should put in a bit of Doc Martin attitude, (on out patient).

    When a patient refuses to follow the Doctors instructions, they should throw a regular line something like “So which school of medicine were you trained in then?”