So you think you can dance Australia?

Am I alone in thinking that the NZ version of So You Think You Can Dance is better? I thought last years Kiwi TV dance competition was superior i.e. we don’t have a soap actor draaagging things out, the kiwi dancers were better, the judges more personable etc. Don’t get me wrong I have enjoyed the programme to date especially the bands they have on…Guy Sebastien and the Blues Brothers Band sizzled (has Guy grown or were his dancers really short?) and the dance for your life segments are sometimes outstanding. Maybe my view comes from the fact that it’s not homegrown and I love watching outstanding kiwis do what they do best? I dunno? But it sure seems to me that our series was better.

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  • regan

    I love watching outstanding kiwis do what they do best

    Make sure you tune in for Scribe who performs this week then 🙂

  • Muse

    I totally agree with you Rergan. I also wanna make one change to my comment about the Oz So you think you can dance judges – that American woman is a scream and adds some much needed personality to the judging panel.

  • John Frog

    As I said on the other posting this show is for people with IQ of 50 or less, there is nothing clever about the show, no plot just like watching people at a train stop.

    No wonder TV3 program never make it to the top 20