Thanks Karen Bieleski from PRIME!

Late last year at PRIME’s new season launch, we met friendly and approachable Channel Manager Karen Bieleski who offered to help clarify questions that people on Throng have about scheduling of shows. She’s kept her word and has been quietly frequently responding to questions about upcoming shows that PRIME has bought the rights to, why programmes such as Deal or No Deal have been moving time slots, when they plan to screen shows and has passed on the odd criticism from members. Instead of viewers getting frustrated about decisions and having a rant, people are appreciating being able to get answers to their questions directly – and not in a highly edited format which may appear in other publications.

As we’ve been heading along to other events such as TVNZ’s recent preview screening of the Shortland Street ending or Vibe’s launch, we’ve met other people in programming and the industry in general who say they are regular readers of the site and listen to your feedback. We’d love to invite other people in the industry to not be shy to openly comment – we appreciate people like Karen Bieleski, Jason Paris, Eric Kearley and Simon Bennett for leaving their comments!

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  • ell

    Hear hear! Thanks Karen 😀

    If you’re from TVNZ or TV3 please come along and join!

  • nanisnap

    Nice blog, and thanks Karen!