Top 24

OK can’t remember them all or hardly any names LOL (Help me out here Riki! 😉 )

But my faves thus far are (in no particular order)

Christy Leigh Cook – Amazing Grace
Irish chick
Aussie Guy – His Bohemian Rapsody (sp?) ROCKED!
Young guy (who kinda breathes funny! LOL)

And probably others I can’t remember….

I do think the talent this season seems stronger

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  • Rikki

    Help you out you say – I’m likely even worse at names that you are.;)

    Anyway, I really like Michael Johns – the Aussie guy. Made a point of taking notice of his name. Would that be something if someone from this part of the world won.:)

    Yes, that very young guy, sings really well, and seems nice too. 16 I think!

    And agree with the Irish girl too – love to see her and the Aussie guy in top 2.;)

    And the girl with long blond curly hair who sang first on stage with the keyboard.

    And a guy who I thought all 3 judges liked on stage, but when told he was going through, Simon said he didn’t pick him.

    Looking forward to seeing and hearing them all properly now. Sure some we’ve never seen before – well I couldn’t remember when their faces where shown at the end.

    Definately heaps better than the top 24 – or 12 of last year!

  • ChchTVaddict

    Yeah I felt like I had never seen some of them before too!

  • ChchTVaddict

    Hey Rikki See we get FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY this week! Woot woot LOL

  • Rikki

    Yeh I know. Was thinking it could be one night for guys, one for girls and one for the elimations.

    Trouble it – I’m away this weekend. So it means getting someone else to record them all – then I’ve got to catch up somehow!

    I’ll be recording SYTYC Dance what’s on at the same time.

  • Rikki

    Think that other guy I mentioned – who’s singing I quite liked, may be David. The one being spoken about on
    It a says he used to be stripper – at a male club!
    Likely the reason Simon didn’t want him to go through!