TV3 launches HD format on April 1st

TV3 will be launching its new High Definition format on April 1st.

What is HD?

Put simply, High Definition television provides around twice the standard television picture quality and resolution. Most internationally produced movies and television are now produced in HD.

What does HD mean for viewers?

HD provides theatre quality pictures and sound. It gives viewers a much better, sharper picture and sound and a more enjoyable viewing experience.

Which TV3 shows can I watch in HD?

As HD appropriate episodes become available, TV3 will be screening CSI, CSI: New York, Prison Break, My Name Is Earl, NCIS, Bones, Boston Legal, Home and Away, So You Think You Can Dance Australia, Rove and the new drama series Underbelly in HD. More and more shows will become available in HD on TV3.

Which areas can receive HD?

The main metropolitan areas across New Zealand will be able to receive HD including: Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Hawkes Bay, Palmerston North, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.


How do I set up my HD technology?

There are three main requirements to set up for HD:

  1. A UHF aerial
  2. A Freeview HD digital terrestrial receiver (set-top box)
  3. An HD capable television

For more information on set-up requirements please visit

What sort of television do I need to watch HD?

You will need a high-definition (HD compatible) television which can display at least 720 line images to pick up the HD broadcasts. To achieve optimum HD viewing you will require an HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) input connection.

Will I receive an HD picture if I have the right television, but have Freeview via the satellite dish on my house?

No, the basic Freeview satellite service will not carry HD material at this stage. You will require a UHF aerial and a new Freeview HD set-top box.

If I have an HD television but no Freeview HD receiver, what sort of picture will I be watching?

You will be watching standard definition television.

Where can I buy the Freeview HD set top boxes?

Freeview HD set-top boxes are available from major electronics stores. For a list of accredited retailers, please visit

How much will the HD set-top box cost?

Each retailer and each brand of hardware will have different retail prices, although most HD set-top boxes should retail for around $500.

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About the author

  • DanielM

    Oooo, snap. Jumped on the chance before TVNZ. Though how will it start on April 1st when Freeview|HD starts on April 2nd?

  • katipo

    Correct me if I am wrong.

    As I understand it, the current freeview box will only allow you to view HD shows in low definition.

    To get HD pictures you have to shell out another $600 for a High Definition reciever.

  • JJ

    Yes, every sucker who has already bought their Freeview box won’t get any additional benefits.

    Unless they ignored the “Freeview-approved” list and got an HD-ready box.

    Really bad PR move for the early-adopters.

  • Frustrated

    OK, so Freeview has got even more confusing.

    I have an HD TV and a Freeview box already but now I have to buy a whole new box and also a UHF aerial, instead of using my Sky dish.

    If Freeview HD was on the cards originally, why didn’t they recommend the HD boxes earlier so we didn’t have to buy TWO?

    NOT impressed.

  • tvgeek

    There’s nothing new about any of this. Freeview have stated from the beginning that there will be two different systems – Digital Terrestrial and Digital Satellite. The satellite service has been promoted from the beginning as for people who currently have poor reception. People living in the big cities who currently have good reception do not need the Digital Satellite service.

  • DanielM

    Yes, that’s just it, it was meant for people that want to make “bad reception a thing of the past.”

    The HD service was always coming, it just wasn’t possible on the satellite (lack of space) and there was always the possibility that Freeview|HD will get more channels than current Freeview. I guess customers don’t do product research beforehand?

  • TV Tech

    Those with Sky dishes and HD-ready tvs can still enjoy SkyTV’s set of HD channels later in the year, which will include Prime, Movies and Sport. The major difference, obviously, is the pay-tv vs freeview system.

    As Freeview|HD is only available in selected cities, the most common option for those wanting to rid themselves of bad RF reception is to get the Freeview satellite service.

  • openmedia

    At present though it is unlikely that Sky’s HD service will have TV One, TV 2 and TV 3 in HD. Plus they haven’t confirmed a HD version of Prime.

    As for the existing SD freeview STBs, these were never advertised as HD ready or HD capable. The freeview website was always clear in noting that they were for an SD service.

  • guest9999

    Who cares about TV3 in HDTV there are 4 new channels coming to Auckland that will free to air.

    Metro News
    Metro Sport
    Metro Movies
    Metro Music

    they will be available to anyone who points a dish at the Skytower or Waiatarua transmission sites.

  • nanisnap

    guest9999, where did you get your information about the four supposed new Auckland channels?

  • nanisnap

    Sounds exciting, got a link we can look at?