Watch Shortland Street online for free

TVNZ and South Pacific Pictures are rewarding loyal Shortland Street fans by making Shortland Street available on TVNZ ondemand for free.

From tonight, each episode of New Zealand’s favourite local drama will be available the next day on TVNZ ondemand for those who missed it on TV2.

As New Zealand’s longest-running local drama series, in its sixteenth year, Shortland Street viewers have been glued to their screens to follow the dramatic killer storyline. Now fans have the chance to catch up on their favourite show, or watch it over and over again, for free, online.

TVNZ’s Head of Emerging Business, Jason Paris, says that the deal between TVNZ and South Pacific Pictures heralds the next phase of TVNZ ondemand – where content will be available for free, in a move away from the previous pay system.

“This is a big step for our online video service. Shortland Street is the perfect show to introduce viewers to the new phase of TVNZ ondemand because it’s New Zealand’s most loved show.”

Chief Executive of South Pacific Pictures, John Barnett, said the producers pride themselves on Shortland Street being at the forefront of new media initiatives and the new TVNZ ondemand offering is no exception.

“We were thrilled to help pioneer catch-up television in Australasia with TVNZ. This new initiative is all new territory and we like to think our support can assist TVNZ to develop it.”

Paris says free video streams of Shortland Street are possible through partnerships with key advertisers. He says that moving from paid downloads to an ad-supported model underscores the importance of TVNZ’s partnerships with the advertising and production industries.

“Our relationships with South Pacific Pictures, and their support, make it possible for New Zealanders to now watch Shortland Street for free anywhere, anytime.”

TVNZ ondemand launched in March last year and to date has recorded a total of 1.2 million streams of video content. The online service has also been praised by the marketing industry, winning two top awards for innovation and strategic vision at Friday night’s Marketing Association Marketing Awards.

Paris says that 2008 promises to be a big year for TVNZ’s online offerings, and streaming Shortland Street for free is just the beginning of its plans for TVNZ ondemand.

Free streams of Shortland Street are available from tonight at

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  • jhjh2000

    I am sad that tvnz delete the episodes from last year

  • bobadoodle

    thank you so much for this!! It couldnt have come at a better time. I’ve been following the story line religiously, but it was my birthday yesterday so I was out for dinner – I watched the climax at midnight!!! yippeee!! xx

  • i really want to start wtching this soap opera.. can someone tell me how long has it been running on TV? i’m from Uruguay & we are not able to see at the Tv as you can imagine -so bad- it seems to be a great serie

    thanks everyone who make this possible for us too


  • Essenity

    Sixteen years ago, it started.

  • Abby

    Is there a website where I can watch episodes here in the USA??
    Now that I’ve left NZ, I miss it! 🙁

  • sanaa

    oh!i just love this movieee.. cant wait to see what happens next

  • sanaa

    hey go to google and search for shortland street and press im feeling lucky