Breaking news: Underbelly returns to TV3's schedule

TV3 have just issued the following statement:

“Due to the unprecedented number of calls and comments we have had with regard to the early pulling of Underbelly the series will now return to our Sunday lineup.”

Numb3rs will return to TV3’s schedule at a later date.

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  • nzgabriel

    That’s a shame, I was actually looking forward to Numb3rs seeing as I don’t watch Underbelly.

  • Numb3rs Fan

    Oh Crap this sucks Numb3rs would draw a higher rating that that aussie rubbish

  • DevilDodo

    Numbers is a retardedly moronic excuse for a show. Second only to Bones.

  • openmedia

    Oh dear, lets not drop into a flame war here.

    Have any of the Numb3rs fans actually watched this as it is far superior to a lot of the US imports.

  • spidah

    Guess I better watch it on Sunday to see what all the fuss was about!

  • monreve

    crikey TV3 a turnaround whoop whoop – what a mixed message – maybe they could tell this to channel nine here in aussie

  • shantaram

    This show was controversial in Australia because it is based on ‘gangland’ wars in Melbourne, and was going to screen a few weeks before a major gangland trial started. They were afraid it would prejudice the jury.

    The real-life trial was about the shooting of a man in a bar on Sydney Road, Brunswick. Tit for tat killings have gone on in Melbourne for decades. Allegedly there is a lot of police corruption involved as well.

    For anybody who wanted it summed up in a nutshell!

  • hahaha. silly NZ’ders. How could they get it sooo wrong. What an embarassment

  • Monkey

    Timeout in today’s Herald says sanctimoniously: ‘Sunday night’s Underbelly was compulsory viewing here in the herald office, but .. not everyone approached the drama with such fervour.’ They might have if said Timeout had not got it confused last week with ‘Notes From the Underbelly’ an American programme (comedy? dunno, didn’t watch it)Thank goodness it is still on! I’m still waiting to get email from TV3 with the password to log in to TV3 to send them an email to tell them not to be such idiots! This is the sort of thing TV1 does!

  • What a disapointment when i got all organised with my coffee ready to watch my favouite show on a Sunday night Underbelly and it was not on what are you doing thank you for bringing it back