CTV8 – Chinese Television 8

CTV8 owned by the nations gaint Asian Channels provider: World TV (World Television Limited), has last year (13th Aug 07) launched its eighth new channel, but first on regional television in Auckland. It features Movies, News, Gossip and All sorts of Entertainment live streamed from China (and Hong Kong), Macau and Taiwan Television channels only available in Chinese: Mandarin. (( AND NOW AVAILABLE ON ::: TVNZ ONDEMAND ))

I’m wondering why would World TV launch a regional channel in the Auckland region at August 2007 (pretty late), since NZ is shifting into the Digital Platform of television, and the government is declaring a 2012 (or earlier) shutdown of Analogue tv. So Should’nt CTV8 be launched on digital now or else die early????

p.s Building a channel costs heaps (dsnt it?). No reply from world tv for a long long long long time…sigh

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  • openmedia

    I’ve heard that CTV8 have plans to join freeview but I don’t have a firm date

  • Tui
  • shortyandre

    Ohhh Yay!! coool. what about World TV’s other digital channels at SKY, will they too be avaliable on freeview??

  • shortyandre

    Hey, Just got off the phone talking to World TV. Apparently they do not wish to post any of their 15 channels over to freeview in the future. They wish to invest money on SKYs platform :@

  • Tui


  • nanisnap

    Wouldn’t it make sense for such a niche broadcaster to broadcast on SKY or it’s own sattelite service where people who are interested in it can subscribe? Would save it a lot of money instead of paying for eight channels on Freeview a year, as well as actually getting paid for their premium service which obviously can’t survive on advertising.