Sunday 4 May, 8.30pm

Empathy stars Stephen Moyer as Jimmy Collins, an ex-con whose paranormal visions help the police in the hunt for a murderer.

Empathy centres on Jimmy Collins (Moyer), an ex-con who was locked away for a violent attack. On his release from prison, Jimmy hopes to go straight and build a relationship with his daughter, Amy (Amber Beattie), whom he hasn’t seen for years. But his efforts to piece together a normal life are stymied when he suddenly starts to experience visions when he touches people.
As he brushes past a man on a station platform, Jimmy has a vision that gives him a unique insight into a high-profile murder case. At the police station, DI Will Benson (Mark Womack) discounts Jimmy’s story and immediately suspects that he is involved with the murder, but DI Jo Cavanagh (Heather Peace) is increasingly convinced that Jimmy’s visions might provide vital clues to the identity of the murderer.

Moyer says that his character isn’t impressed with his new-found abilities. “He doesn’t think of it as a power, he thinks of it as an affliction,” he explains. “He just wants to get back to a normal life. He finds himself in a situation where he could help out in a murder inquiry, but he doesn’t have an alibi. Because of his previous, by putting himself in the position where he says, ‘I know what happened’, he puts himself in the frame for the murder.”

Because of his violent past, the police are reluctant to believe his ‘visions’ concerning their murder case, and it’s up to Jimmy to prove he is telling the truth. It’s a pretty dark story, but Moyer says the violent scenes were his favourites to play. “I’m not like that in real life, so when I get the chance to punch a bit of air and let out a bit of steam, I love it,” he says.

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