Explosive Opening

Frakking Hell.

Just finished watching the first episode of season 4. What an explosive opening. Not the best as season 3 was the best one yet, but still, wow.
Starbuck’s back! 11 Cylons down, 1 to go. Plenty of contenders.
Wow. Yeah. Go BSG.

Thank the gods for mininova.

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From the minute I was born, my all time favourite program was PufnStuf. If only there was an island that really was a Living Island. But there isn't. So now, I make do with the fare that is given on Free to Air, and try and have a life outside of it - which seems to be successful! The main thing I want to do is fufil my ambition of living in Egypt for a year, as there is just too much history there to take in on a month long holiday.
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  • Hell yeah, amazing opener to season 4. this is the best TV show Sci-fi or otherwise of the last 10 years and I cannot believe this is the last season. Long live, BSG