Fashion TV returns to Sky

SKY Television is delighted to announce the return of Fashion TV to their network on SKY Digital Channel 13 from 6am Thursday 1 May.

FTV is the only 24/7 channel dedicated to the international fashion world, design and life-style. It is the first to show the latest trends, fashion weeks, models, events and fashion locations all around the world.

FTV’s unique mix of production, distribution, innovative technology and broadcasting give its viewers a VIP seat in the best available quality. Its programming comprises of style, fashion and beauty clips with over 500 hours of new programs a year, 300 catwalks and around 600 new clips every season.

FTV was founded in France in 1997 by its president Michel Adam Lisowski and has become one of the most widely-distributed satellite channels in the world with a total of 300 million households in 202 countries across the five continents. FTV remains dedicated to be the first to show the latest trends, fashion weeks, models, events and fashion locations all around the world and will launch on SKY Digital Channel 13 at 6.00am Thursday 1 May.

FTV Highlights for May 2008…

The Annual 2008 Cannes Film Festival

Fashion TV invites you for an exclusive VIP access to the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. Join us as we bring you all glamorous red carpet arrivals, the striking dresses, Interviews and of course all of the enchanting stars! Full coverage from the 2008 Cannes Film Festival, see it first on Fashion TV!

2008 Summer Trends

Fashion TV brings you all the biggest trends for the season, all the right colors, styles & beauty tips from all the main fashion weeks. Join us as we bring you backstage passes, Hair & Makeup tips from the biggest names in the fashion world and much more. Spring/Summer 2008 trends only on Fashion TV.

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About the author

  • nanisnap

    Lucky number 13. Why did they take it away in the first place?

    Funny that in the FAQ on Sky’s site they say they have no plans to bring FTV back to Sky. Wonder what this says about the fact that in that same section they have “no plans to launch a comedy or sci fi channel on Sky”.

    Fingers crossed.

  • openmedia
  • spidah

    I want Sky to bring back the Hallmark Channel! There used to be some brilliant mini series shown there!

  • Andrew

    Groan!…I cant wait to miss this rubbish…for sure bring back Hallmark channel, start up Sci Fi Channel, Comedy..if FoxTel in Aussie can do why the heck cant Sky?????

  • Jesse

    I wish Sky would become Foxtel and we shared the same service and channels as australia

  • nanisnap

    Me too, Sci Fi Channel and Comedy Central would be awesome!

    Come on SKY, give us the good stuff! We haven’t had a decent new channel since CI!

  • Jase

    I agree. TVNZ6 and 7 (or anything for that matter) would be better than a channel I’ll never watch

  • Wingles

    I would rather they bring back Hallmark. I don’t even recall Fashion TV from the first time around.

  • openmedia

    Anyone seen reports of a Sky Box Office 2 channel appearing. Just seen it load up on Sky’s Optus D1 Mux.