Fireman Sam

Daily at 6.35am, 10.35am and 2.35pm

Kiwi kids can now enjoy popular UK children’s television series Fireman Sam, daily at 6:35am, 10:35am and 2:35pm on TVNZ Kidzone on TVNZ 6.

Fireman Sam is a brave, resourceful fireman who works with his fire-fighter friends to keep his community safe from fire danger. The series is set in the Welsh town of Pontypandy.
Fireman Sam is referred to as the “hero next door”. He remains composed in an emergency and unfailingly offers assistance to all those in need. Sam is very close to his nephew, James, and niece, Sarah.

James and Sarah are twins. They are friendly and helpful, and are always ready to try new things. They want to grow up to be firefighters, just like their Uncle Sam.

The Fireman Sam series uses the latest techniques in puppet animation. It has been sold to over 40 countries from Australia to Norway, and is used to promote fire safety messages to children around the world.

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