Human Instinct

Friday, 25th April at 8.30pm

The fascinating BBC probe into what makes us do the things we do delves into one of our most primitive drives tonight with a revealing look at the way sex governs almost every facet of our lives. One of the strongest human urges is to procreate, to have sex and create the next generation in our own likeness. The different biology of men and women has shaped radically different instincts to make this happen. Some of those instincts guide us in ways we are only too aware of. At other times our instincts are in the driving seat without us even knowing it – the partner who smells sweetest is the one whose genes are most compatible and will help make the healthiest baby. Our instincts act as a temptation towards adultery – with the right person at the right time. A secretly filmed experiment at a London University campus reveals how men and women react differently to a simple chat up line and why.

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