Jessica The Hippo

Animal Planet – Sunday 20 April, 8.30pm

Jessica The Hippo follows a year in the life of one of the most extraordinary family’s you’ll ever meet. Tonie Joubert, an old-school, reserved, retired game warden, lives in the South African bush with his wife of two years, Shirley, a highly-charged, high-maintenance, beauty therapist from the city. Together they are raising their ‘daughter’, Jessica, a 1 tonne hippopotamus. Jessica The Hippo follows the ups and downs of family life in the Joubert household as, like any family across the world, the parents debate what is best for their daughter. Through the film viewers learn why we know less about hippos than any other big mammal and explore how normal hippos live. This does makes us wonder what the future has in store for Jessica the hippo.

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