More than 100,000 Freeview boxes sold!

Freeview, the free-to-air digital television and radio platform, today announced that more than 100,000 Freeview capable receivers have been purchased.

Speaking at the Freeview|HDTM launch celebration at Te Papa in Wellington this afternoon, the Prime Minister outlined that the figure represents more than 6% of Kiwi homes – a remarkable achievement and one that not only places Freeview right at the forefront of global broadcasting capability but ahead of most countries in terms of rate of take-up for a free-to-air digital television and radio service.

With the recent addition of TVNZ 7, Te Reo and tvCentral the total number of channels broadcasting on Freeview is now 15. In addition, Freeview is set to welcome radio station George FM to the Freeview satellite service.

“Like the other broadcast partners who have joined the Freeview service, George FM recognises that we are a great way to deliver compelling free-to-air content into the home.

“We are also delighted to welcome The Warehouse, one of New Zealand’s largest retailers, as a retail partner for Freeview approved receivers,” says Steve Browning, GM Freeview.

“Now the availability of Freeview satellite and Freeview|HDTM will provide 100% national coverage, different cost options and a growing channel offering. It means more choice for New Zealanders who wish to receive crystal clear television and radio services, with no monthly subscription,” he adds.

After a solid start, Freeview expects the momentum will continue with Freeview|HDTM offering a growing selection of high definition programming.

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  • Rachel

    Regan is at this launch at Te Papa right now.

  • ell

    I bought a HD box today 😀

  • Rachel

    Freeview HD Launch

  • DevilDodo

    Lol. And all those 100,000 people are going to have to re-purchase their boxes to be HD compatibale.

    Congrats Freeview, your plan worked.

  • diveldido

    depends on where they live in nz devildodo i wudda thought outta all people you’d know that.

  • Rachel

    We’re going to wait. It’s crazy that they’re not yet selling TVs with Freeview decoders inside them.

    $500 seems too steep a price to me, when for $599 you get a MySky box with a PVR in it as well.

    Some of the Freeview decoders in the UK are very very cheap, like under twenty pounds from memory.

  • openmedia

    Rachel – Apples and Oranges I’m afraid

    UK decoders are SD only and MPEG-2 only. Wait and see what the DVB-T2 HD decoders cost in the UK for their new HD network compared with NZ prices before complaining.

    As for IDTVs, import one from Norway or France with H.264 support or wait a couple of months for them to appear. Look how long after the digital launch in the UK and US that it took TVs to appear. It was years, here it should be months.

    As for $599 for MySky.. Well thats $599 for an SD only box that you don’t OWN..

  • Rachel

    “Wait and see what the DVB-T2 HD decoders cost in the UK for their new HD network compared with NZ prices before complaining.”

    Fair point and you know more about this than me for sure. I’ve seen people throw around £25-100 on sites ( and here).

    $500 still seems very overpriced in my opinion. I know you don’t won the MySky box, but you get a lot more for the money. How long before a Freeview PVR comes out – that would interest me a lot more.

  • DevilDodo

    diveldido (lol) – I’m pretty sure you still need to buy one of the new FreeviewHD boxes in order to get HD no matter where you live… But I could be wrong.

  • nanisnap

    I’ll be waiting… I want a built in tuner and more channels than just a few shows on 3.

    On another note, I love MySky and still to this day think that its the best purchase I’ve made recently. Because Sky still owns it, they are upgrading it to an HD one for Sky HD later this year!

    Yay for HD all around!

  • spidah

    100,000 freeview boxes sold huh?

    Pity that if you want the new HD TV you have to chuck your current freeview box in the bin and splash out another 500 box for a HD compatible box!

  • openmedia

    nanisnap – Have you had confirmation from Sky they they will upgrade you to HD for free?

  • Rachel

    I have had confirmation that the upgrade will be free if you own a MySky box.

  • DanielM

    Yes, but Freeview|HD is only in the main centers so far. Freeview was advertised as making “bad reception a thing of the past,” aka people in the country side. Freeview|HD was always going to be coming, but granted they didn’t advertise it well, it was in the announcement that digital TV was coming back in 2006!

  • nanisnap

    As Rachel said, MySky owners will get a free upgrade to MySky HD.

  • regan

    the quality of Freeview’s satellite broadcast is far superior to the quality of the reception on Sky as the images are less compressed.

    I do think that the general consensus in that HD should be available via their satellite broadcast and the costs of the boxes should be significantly lower.

    It is going to be very interesting to see what happens around the promotion of the Olympics this year and what resulting uptake that has.