Friday, 16th May at 8.30pm

The return of the popular British series that matches up two very different families with completely opposing ideas of what makes a good holiday and sends them away together for two weeks. The rules are non-negotiable, for each week of the holiday one of the families is in charge in their ideal holiday location. Both families have a challenge – to convince the other of the wonders of their holiday. Tonight, what happens when a family of extreme campers is put together with a family who love the sophisticated art and culture of Florence in Italy? Sparks fly with hilarious and surprising consequences as the two families attempt to persuade each other that their holiday is the best. The Townsend family from Solihull in the West Midlands take an extreme approach to their camping on remote Shell Island, off the coast of North Wales. There’s warehouse supervisor Craig (43), Tracey (39) and their two children Katie (14) and Samantha (7). They believe in a back –to-basics camping regime where they use only one toothbrush, there’s no toilet (“One toilet roll is quite enough – it’s four sheets per pooh”), they don’t wash, and they forbid the use of watches because on holiday time is irrelevant. They’ll be subjecting the luxury-loving Cox family to their extraordinary holiday. Living just 3 miles from Prince Charles’ home in Gloucestershire, there’s art-shop-owner Denis (44), Isabelle (54), Helena (12), Charles (11) and Henry (8). They love five-star hotels and maximum comfort. The Cox’s believe that education and culture are vitally important (“Ignorance is free, education is expensive”) and Denis in particular loves the Renaissance wonders of Florence.

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