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Thursday, 15th May at 9.30pm

TV’s sexiest call girl, Belle (Billie Piper), learns there’s yet another downside to earning the big bucks on your back – the client doesn’t always share the same sense of fun. Tonight she’s off to London’s most prestigious sex party by a new client – Aleksander. It’s an incredibly glamorous event, Belle’s dressed in a black wig and everyone looks hot. Belle can’t wait to get down to the main event…which is an orgy in the party room. So she’s disappointed to hear that Aleksander has other ideas. What he really wants is for everyone in the party to want Belle and for Belle to get very turned on…but for her to wait for him. When Belle sees someone she recognises – Jay Lorre – her all time favourite author, and they really hit it off, she tries desperately to shake Aleksander off. Jay is her fantasy man and Belle would love to go in the party room with him. She manages to make her escape and for a few blissful moments is alone with Jay. But she gets the fear Aleksander could come back in. It puts her off her stride. She’s going to have to come up with another plan. Jay invites her back to his place so Belle is going to need an excuse – she sets up a fake phone call to call her away…a family emergency.

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