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Friday, 9th May at 8.30pm

Our instincts protect us and guard our interests in ways we are barely aware of. But what explains the extraordinary human instinct to risk our lives for others, for a parent to risk life and limb to save a child, or to save a complete stranger? Science is only just beginning to understand why humans are capable of acts of supreme heroism. This programme looks at how humans are programmed to protect their children from birth and how million years of evolution have made us generous to our families. It explores how human beings can read each other’s minds and how the most unique of human instincts have helped us to become the most successful species on the planet . Robert Winston visits Provence to see what a jawbone fossil reveals about human kindness. Sometimes humans go much further; Cindy made the ultimate sacrifice for her son Steven after they met with disaster on a camping
trip in Canada and shows our instinct to safeguard our children at any cost.. Humans are also unique in their willingness to help complete strangers because of our instinct to empathise. A year ago Steve Grey went much further than that, he did something truly heroic, going to the aid of a complete stranger trapped in a burning car.

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