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Tuesday, April 15th at 8pm

Crippling interest rates, unaffordable petrol, and food prices going through the roof, now is the time to get rid of your debt. Financial motivator Brendon Johnson returns to solve these and other financial problems in the brand new series of Money Man, premiering Tuesday, April 15th at 8pm on 3.

Over-spenders, under-savers, and general financial no-hopers beware; Johnson and his team of financial advisors give people a total budget makeover in the return of this popular series.

As a nation we have embraced a culture of debt and overspending and we don’t appear to be letting go any time soon.

Consumer debt in the year to December 2006 grew by 15% to a whopping $132 billion, 90% of which was in mortgages. New Zealanders now owe $68 billion dollars in residential mortgages.

But the signs are now apparent that the property bubble has burst and the fall out from an economic downturn could be huge. New Zealand’s addiction to overspending combined with an aversion to saving has created a ticking time bomb.

As well as the economic downturn New Zealanders are also facing less evident problems such as inter-generational debt, whereby kids are learning bad financial management skills from their parents; bad credit ratings; and young couples being unable to even get on the ladder and start saving for a house.

These financial obstacles prove that the average New Zealander needs Money Man’s help now more than ever.

In series three, Money Man will not only dispense advice but motivate a wide range of Kiwis to make real and long-lasting changes to their finances before it’s too late.

This time Money Man will travel around the country to tackle financial issues facings the smaller cities and communities around the country.

Brendon Johnson will continue with his hard-nose approach where needed, but we will also see a softer side to his character as he cajoles and motivates the participants towards their financial goals.

This season will also see his advice expand to cover everything from credit card debt to revolving overdrafts, paying off mortgages and high interest loans, and finding the right bank accounts and consolidating debts.

As always the expert advice will include cutting-edge cash management strategies, debt reduction advice, specific savings plans, mortgage reviews and plans to make your money grow.

So whether you’re in serious financial trouble or just want some extra spending money, make sure to tune in to the season premiere of Money Man, screening Tuesday, April 15th at 8pm on 3.

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