Series Premiere

Living Channel – Thursdays from 15 May, 9.30pm

Claire Sweeney returns for another exciting series of 60 Minute Makeover…but this time there’s a twist. One of the homeowners whose property is being made-over will know nothing about it until it’s finished. He or she will go out for a day with a friend, who is in-the-know, while their partner welcomes Claire and the team of experts into their home for the makeover. In just 60 minutes, the team will give the house a complete re-style, giving viewers plenty of tips and practical advice along the way. Claire and the team will face the reaction of the homeowner who, when they return from their day out, will find their house isn’t the same as the one they left that morning. What will their reaction be? Will they love or loathe the new look? And will they blame their partner for the whole thing or be delighted by the deception?

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