Temepara George and Stefano Olivieri win Dancing with the Stars 2008

Congratulations to Temepara George and Stefano Olivieri for winning the 2008 competition, and a special congratulations to Stefano for being the first DWTS dancer in NZ to win back-to-back competitions! (He mentioned in the world a few times in TV interviews but Cheryl Burke took this honor in the US version.)

Approximately 930,000 Kiwis tuned in to last night’s finale! This is the second best finale viewership, after Season 1 (980,000) and well up on seasons 2 and 3 (860,000 and 870,000 respectively).

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  • Rikki

    That was an awesome final – from start to finish. Excellent dancing from everyone and so much fun too.

    Monty came out and did his best ever – really let himself get into the moves. Was extremely impressed with his quickstep! Must be the most improved dancer from all the competitions. He should be very proud of himself!:)

    But it had to be Temepara and Stephano! Every single performance during the series from them has been amazing to watch. Not a bad one amongst them. She shines and they are such an amazing couple together. You can see the closeness and how they connect. He’s so funny too, never noticed that in the last series.:D
    A well-deserved win – congratulations to them both!:)

    Really liked the Candy/Brendon performance too – especially the Rodney part – and how Brendon was jealous of Rodney, so got mad and killed her!:D

    Jason’s singing was so good, he should do it more often!:) And was surprised about how good Peter sounded! Don’t expect to se him enjoying himself and singing, forgot he was once a performer!

    The whole 2 hours were full of great entertainment and excellent dancing!:)