Underbelly 21/4 - Anyone have the ratings?

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Has anyone got the ratings for Underbelly last night?

Will it be axed this week?

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  • KL

    I only have 5+ ratings/shares:

    30/3/2008 5.7 17.9
    6/4/2008 4.6 17.4
    13/4/2008 4.8 15.9
    20/4/2008 5.4 16.3

  • TV Blogger

    ‘Underbelly’ scored a 16.3 share of all viewers. ‘Meet the Fockers’ led the charge on TV2 with a 23.2 share with TV One’s Sunday Theatre ‘Boleyn Girl’ coming in second at 20.5.
    PrimeTV came in last (even after C4) with just 4.2 percent of people accidentally leaving their sets on the ‘channel’ after TopGear.
    Both ‘Meet the Fockers’ and ‘Men In Trees’ are strong competitors. It’s not a terrible result (up from last week’s 15.9) – but if I were in programming @ 3 I’d hardly be breaking out the Jazz hands.
    Will they keep it? For lack of something better…I probably would, there were A LOT of pissed fans out there last time. Plus, TV3 has always had a traditionally weak Sunday Night.

  • campgrrls

    Why are so many channels competing for the Sunday night drama audiences? There are some week nights when there’s not a lot on I want to watch on any FTA channel. I had been meaning to watch Underbelly, but there is other stuff I wanted to record on Sundays.

    I did record it last night (plus what was on TV One on another recorder) before I crashed out early after working all weekend. Then I woke up this morning and realised I hadn’t recorded L Word.

    Why not put Underbelly on a different night – a week night. I’d be more inclined to watch it or record it.

  • reece_555

    do we have any actual viewer numbers instead of shares ????

  • Rachel

    I believe it’s 5.4/100 * 3936 = approximately 213,000 viewers.

  • openmedia

    Well the TV3 website has Underbelly as showing this coming Sunday, but the DTT freeview EPG has Numb3rs. Even the EPG at http://freeviewnz.tv/index.php?section_id=12 has Numb3rs.

  • openmedia

    Well the EPGs have refreshed and they are showing Underbelly again for Sunday.

    Need to get around to watching the one from this weekend first

  • jono

    last night was the first night i watched the show and i thought it was real good!

  • Mememememe!

    Underbelly went down A LOT this week. 4.1% for 5+ audiences. Which translates to approximately 162,000 viewers!