We're Here to Help - Win the DVD

South Pacific Pictures’ latest film We’re Here to Help has just been released on DVD. Starring Erik Tomson, Miriama Smith (Dancing with the Stars) and Michael Hurst, the David versus Goliath movie is a classic Kiwi comedy. If you’ve ever had sagas with a bureaucracy and felt like you’ve got no-where, this warm funny story is a must-see.

Thanks to SPP, we have 5 DVDs to give away! The DVD special features include all the usual bloopers, photo gallery, behind the scenes documentary, audio commentary from both the writer and Dave Henderson – the man on which the movie is based.

To be in to win, add a comment to this topic and tell us why you’d like to win the DVD in at least 20 words by April 20th.

For more information on the movie, read our review.

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  • nzgabriel

    I’d like to win a DVD because celebrating home grown movies, let alone TV, is a thing all Kiwis should do, no matter where you are in the world. Being a New Zealander and being a part of New Zealand is the best thing in the world.

  • Kevin

    I’d love to win this DVD because it looks awesome, and I love watching movies. I also, LOVE comedys & this sounds great! 🙂

  • Tui

    I’d like to win because I can’t find the DVD @ our local warehouse. lol

  • swiftynz

    I’d absolutely love to win this DVD because I think this movie is fantastic, and really shows the beuracracy that exists in New Zealand. Loved it at the movies and would love it on DVD!

  • Claire Walkinshaw

    This DVD is based on an impelling story of grit, determination, honesty and how chillingly lethal some bureaucrats can be! NZ actors shine too.

  • Tony S

    I’d love this DVD because it’s a NZ movie with heart, from the belly laughter and how to piss off the IRD when you get burned!

  • Janson Ryan

    I would like to win this dvd as South pacific pictures has brought some great stuff out and i would love to have this dvd as part of my collection.

  • Tui

    When is it out on DVD in stores?

  • ell

    Hope my entry will still go in, its either the last day or the day after the last day…:D hehe

    I’d love to win WHTH because it sounds like a great David and Goliath story, much like Australia’s ‘The Castle’, in fact many people I know have said that it is New Zealand’s version of The Castle, therefore I would love the dvd to compare the two and hopefully see what some great Kiwi cinema !

  • Rachel

    Thanks everyone, winners were randomly chosen to be:

    Claire Walkinshaw
    Janson Ryan

    I’ll be emailing you all shortly.

  • mary conway

    Isaw the shorts its got all the ingredients of a great movie, truth, emotions, humour and real. would love to see the whole movie, thanks.

  • Tui

    Where can I get the DVD from?!

  • Rachel

    Gameplanet sells it for $34.95. It’s also selling on Trademe and Zillion.

  • Tui

    I’ll need to topup my card then. I can’t believe the warehouse doesn’t have it.