Wheel of Fortune - premieres tonight!

Tune in at 7pm tonight on TV ONE for a special episode of Wheel of Fortune with Jason Gunn and Sonia Grey and then tell us what you think of the new version!

Thanks to Throng member Ed who went along to one of the filmings of the show, you can read more about what it will be like here.

Personally, I’m a little sad that the letters aren’t turned manually any more but am loving the glam ads!

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  • Rachel

    My initial thoughts:

    • Noel Leeming name above the board is massive!
    • Liked the new intro with spinning wheel.

    If you missed the show, here’s what happened:

    Contestants were Brendan Cole, Temepara George and Monty Betham. They’re raising money for their charities again tonight.

    Puzzle 1: an easy one with most of the letters visible (“Candy Lane”) to figure out who will spin first.

    Puzzle 2: “Before and After”

    Monty requests a T (there’s 4 of them).
    Brendan asks for an S (there’s 3 of them).
    Temepara asks for an H (there’s 2 of them) then an R and then buys an E.

    _ _RT_ / _ _ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _TH / THE / ST_RS

    Temepara buys a W then a D, then solves it:

    Dirty Dancing with the Stars.


  • Rachel

    Puzzle 2: “Things”

    You can txt 5540 before the contestants solve it – the first five correct answers get $500 to spend at Noel Leemings.

    Monty asks for a T (there’s one).
    Brenda asks for an S (there’s two) then an R (there’s none).
    Temepara asks for a D (there’s two) and an N (there’s two) and buys an A. She then goes for an M but there’s none.

    _ A _ _ _ _ _ NS / AND / T _ _ _ D _ S

    Monty asks for an L, there’s two and an O (for “or-some”)

    _ ALL _ _ _ NS / AND / T _ _ _ DOS

    (Obviously they can’t see it’s “ballgowns and tuxdeos”) as they keep guessing letters which aren’t in there apart from a B.

    Finally Temepara solves it!

    Puzzle 3: “Movie title”

    Temepara guesses a T.

    S T _ _ _ T _ _
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    Jason gets a final spin for the value of the remaining letters.

    It’s Strictly Ballroom which Monty quickly solves.


  • ChchTVaddict

    Now you guys know I love Jase 🙂 but what the heck is the point of having Sonia Grey? (or in fact anyone in that role) If I was her I would be embarrased to do this job

  • DanielM

    Loved it! Can’t wait. Mum disappointed that it’s going to be on during Home and Away, I said blegh, Home and Away is horrible!

    ChchTVAddict, don’t you remember the old Wheel of Fortune?!

  • ChchTVaddict

    Yeah I do remember it LOL and I didn’t like Lana then either! I just think the role is so oudated and chauvanistic. IE Beautiful woman to stand there and smile inanley and turn over the laters (except now she seems to tap them)

    Jase could give out the clues and press a button on a computer to reveal the letters and it would work just as well IMO

  • spidah

    It is awesome to have Wheel back on screen!!! Jason & Sonya are going to be great hosts!

    My only criticism is that some of the colours on the wheel were really putrid!

  • Tui

    It would be way cooler if the letters were turned instead of tapped, but that’s the future for you :p

    Noel Leeming name above the board is massive!

    I KNOW! At first, I thought it was computer generated.

  • Billy James

    The 3 pointers on the wheel are very confusing.What’s wrong with just one in the middle?

  • spidah

    I agree BJ the 3 pointers threw me too!

    Presumably the extra two are to help slow down the wheel faster.

  • jhjh2000

    I love it

    In February 1997, the show in us adopted a computerized board composed of 52 monitors; to illuminate a letter, the hostess touches the monitor’s edge

  • Rachel

    “My only criticism is that some of the colours on the wheel were really putrid!”

    Same colors from the 80s heh.

    The three spinners were a bit confusing to me too – wasn’t one for each contestant, and the current one lit up? And weren’t they there originally?

  • spidah

    You are WRONG Rachel. They are not the same colours from the 80s

  • monreve

    my spies at TVNZ said that the show on Sunday did a 47 share in 5 + what does anyone think it will do monday to friday

  • KL

    Monday night 5+ breakdown (with audience share in brackets):

    Home and Away 9.1% (32.3%)
    Wheel of Fortune 8.3% (29.5%)
    Home Improvement 3.7% (12.9%)
    Prime News 3.3% (11.6%)

    Last Monday night:

    Home and Away 9.5% (34.3%)
    1 vs 100 5.7% (24.7%)
    Home Improvement 3.2% (11.7%)
    Prime News 3.1% (11.1%)

  • Rachel

    That looks like a great result for TV ONE last night. I think people could get quite hooked watching it leading into the news.

  • spidah

    I suspect you maybe right about that Rachel.

    Of course I have to tape it on monday, tuesday and friday because it clashes with some of my 70’s favourites on the Box! 🙂

  • chuffed

    Bring back Sale of the century
    and the steve parr slide i say.

    Jason needs to trim his mullet and grow a mo!

  • DanielM

    @spidah Looking at the video on the front page of Throng, they are pretty close anyway.

  • monreve

    KL thanks for the ratings update – not much distance between WOF and H&A for the first real night of the show.

  • spidah

    I get the distinct impression that tonight’s winner was ripped off in the bonus round.

    What the hell sort of clue was “a thing” for hindsight.

    Presumably TVNZ didn’t want to give another big prize away too soon.

  • Ryan

    Bring back Wheel of Fortune, please.

  • Anna

    Oh darn – I saw this comment and thought it really was coming back 🙁

    Another vote for its return – we’re six years on from the GFC now so there must surely be more money available (given the reason for its demise was the economy).

    Less money to be spent on cooking shows please; more on game and renovation shows!