24 May

Saturday 24 May, 9.30am

Local show Just The Job returns for another informative, entertaining and unique behind-the-scenes look at 30 more career possibilities for school leavers.

Just the Job is designed as a showcase for the wide range of career options readily attainable for any young person searching for what they want to do when they leave high school. Executive producer, Dave Mason explains many young people have little idea about the range of options available to them: “There are literally thousands of possibilities for school levers these days and the choice can be formidable. But how can they make an informed choice if they are unaware of the range of opportunities out there?” Dave believes Just The Job offers students a helping hand.
He says the first series of the show was incredibly well received: “The success of Just The Job is incredible. Word spread far and wide about the series and we were delighted and surprised to be asked to supply 200 copies of the first series to Work and Income New Zealand for use in their offices, up and down the country, as an inspirational medium to their clients.”

The Cook Islands Ministry Of Education also requested copies to show students a glimpse of the opportunities that lie beyond their islands, and DVD’s of the show were sent to all high schools in New Zealand, giving careers counsellors an additional current and vibrant resource for students. Just The Job supports the career tools already available to Kiwi students through schools.

This series follows the same format that made the first season so popular. During each episode, three students from around the country ‘sample’ two days in a career that might offer them a future. In the process, viewers gain an insight into an industry which may have had little media coverage previously.

With support from a mentor – someone already succeeding in the career – students really discover the ‘ins and outs’ of an occupation before deciding whether it could be for them or not.

Filmed nationwide, the second series of Just The Job features a diverse range of industries including: salmon farming; mining; tourism; retailing; arboriculture; Customs; food technology; civil engineering; and airport customer services.

The series is again hosted by Clinton Randell, a NZ Idol top-10 finisher who looks set to enjoy a high profile, exciting career himself, and wraps up each week with invaluable tips, especially tailored for school leavers, from career consultant Sarah McIndoe.

Waitakere-based television production company Dave Mason Productions has created the series with support from numerous industry training organisations. “We really hope young people will understand when they view the series that there are some incredible career options throughout New Zealand,” says Dave. “Whether the indoors or outdoors appeal, whether dealing with people or a physical challenge is what someone wants, we’ve strived to cover a range of careers so there’s something for everyone.”

Just The Job, Saturday 24 May, 9.30am.

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