Californication sex scene too explicit for BSA and father looking for family viewing after 10pm

A number of complaints were made about an episode of Californication on TV3 involving a threesome sex scene and that it breached standards of good taste and decency.

One complainant, Peter Marsh of Auckland, said he had stumbled on the episode while trying to find something for his family to watch.

Now I get that people would have been offended by the two men and one woman oral sex scene but what I don’t understand is someone using the excuse that they were trying to find some “family viewing” after 10pm.

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  • reece_555

    yea quite a laugh really proper “family viewing” ends at 8.30pm

  • DanielM
  • Tui

    Hahaha. Family viewing. :p

  • reece_555

    …oohh this episode it was a pretty funny episode though.

    Tv Works gave good points to these 2 complainers so hopefully they will take onboard AO ratings shown.