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Dr. Craig Valentine (Renato Bartolomei) plays the bearer of bad news when he proffers a diagnosis for friend Sarah Potts’ (Amanda Billing) mystery illness. Despite Sarah’s many attempts to self diagnose over the last few months, it’s Craig who is finally able to offer this troubled Doctor the answer she’s been waiting for. But as is often said – no news is good news.
When Sarah hears what Craig has to say she is determined to dispute it, instead proposing that she has already discovered the reason for her symptoms.
Is Sarah avoiding the truth, or has Craig made a wrong turn?

Stay tuned for the the makings of a very successful partnership, as ambitious Doctor Callum McKay (Peter Mochrie) befriends hospital auditor Riley (Jacque Drew). Softened by the relaxed atmosphere of an evening meal, Callum and Riley soon learn they have much more in common than work and sparks begin to fly. Could this be the beginning of a very significant relationship, or is Callum using his charms to impress the powerful Martha Riley for his own personal gains?

Meanwhile, meddling receptionist Gerald Tippett (Harry McNaughton) finds himself in an interesting position when he decides to do some snooping on his boss’ behalf. Trying to get the inside information on Riley’s plans for the clinic, Gerald takes the law into his own hands and adds a spot of breaking-and-entering onto his many lists of talents. Things take a turn for the worst when Riley arrives home with a very unexpected guest. Will Gerald be able to make his escape with a juicy piece of gossip up his sleeve or has this would-be super sleuth gotten himself caught in his own trap?

And coming soon – Friday 6th June marks Shortland Street’s 4000th episode, with the return of character Dr. Hone Ropata (Temuera Morrison).
His dramatic arrival at the hospital clinic is indicative of things to come. While old mate Dr. Chris Warner (Michael Galvin) is pleased to see Hone’s return, it’s clear within one day, Hone is going to ruffle a few feathers with his worldly attitude and wandering eye.
One young nurse in particular gets picked up by Hone’s radar, but she may not be an easy target.

More will be revealed in upcoming episodes of New Zealand’s favourite drama.

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