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This week , a surprising offer creates food for thought. When Nurse Toni Warner is looking for a place to live she gets handed a metaphorical olive branch by ex-husband Dr. Chris Warner (Michael Galvin), when he proposes she move into her old house as a ‘flatmate’.
But Toni is unsure of his intentions and suspects there may be strings attached to his offer. Will we be seeing Toni’s return to the Warner household and if so, is there a chance reconciliation is on the cards for these two old lovebirds?

Meanwhile P.A. Libby Jeffries (Fleur Saville) gets a new task to sink her teeth into when boss Chris Warner (Michael Galvin) encourages her to do a little snooping. With the arrival of Riley (Jacque Drew), Dr. Warner has been suspicious of her intentions and implores Libby to be his eyes and ears while Riley is around. Why is Chris so suspicious of Riley and does Libby have the tact to execute this task without anyone finding out?

An old bond is reformed when former lovers Craig Valentine (Renato Bartolomei) and Sarah Potts (Amanda Billing) are brought together by a common mission.
Lately, Sarah has been suspicious that something is seriously wrong with her, but has tried to keep her worries secret from the ones she loves.
However Craig extends the hand of friendship when he vows he’ll help her diagnose the mystery illness, no matter how long it takes.
With husband TK (Benjamin Mitchell) still in the dark about Sarah’s concerns, Craig is the nearest shoulder to cry on. Could this bond be enough to bring Craig and Sarah closer together than ever before?

Later in the week, Shortland Street is placed on high alert when psych patient Rufus (Luke Bodle) is admitted to the hospital in an aggravated state. Already in a volatile condition, he soon loses his grip on reality and ends up taking a staff member hostage. As the drama of the evening unfolds a life is left hanging in the balance and another staff member is left terrified that they may lose the person they truly love.

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  • mv

    Sarah and TK r so good together and they love each other. Sarah wont get back together with Craig she has been there tried that.

  • karen

    I reckon that sarah and tk are made for ech other cause they are madly in love with each other.