Tuesday / June 24th / 8.30pm

Beauty is a double-edged sword. It seems to be a commonly accepted notion in the world today that an inverse proportion between brains and beauty exists. Basically the prettier someone is, the less intelligent they are expected to be.

And no one has it worse than models. True or not, we all assume that models are stupid. In fact, we want them to be stupid. We need them to be stupid because life would be too unfair if the beautiful people were smarter than us.

America’s Most Smartest Model will attempt to answer this burning question by casting a wide net in search of “America’s Most Smartest Model”, the perfect combination of Beauty and Brains.

Tonight – One model must go it alone as they pair up to build and race go-karts. Another model makes a secret phone call to give himself an edge on the next challenge, which is spokes-modelling the Jaguar XKR. Will the others call him out on cheating? Who will the judges send home, and who will be left to send on to the finale to become America’s Most Smartest Model?

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