May 19th

Monday, May 19th at 8:30pm

As the tension between Booth and Bones heats up, Booth has Cam, rather than Bones, accompany him to a crime scene, where a stabbed, kneecapped, naked corpse is found. Bones screens Monday, May 19th at 8:30pm on 3.

Ever since the hit show’s premiere Bones has had viewers instantly addicted to its perfect mixture of drama and suspense, however what attracted David Boreanaz to the series was its interesting array of character.

“Bones had a real face, it had identity to it,” Boreanaz told “It had an identity to each character, to each individual character, so it was because of the identity of those characters that I really responded to the material.”

On Bones, Boreanaz plays FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth. The actor said that he incorporates a lot of himself into his onscreen persona.

“What you see is not really what you get with him. He likes to change fairly quickly. I like that. It’s who I am,” he explained.

Starring with Boreanaz is Emily Deschanel, who plays the show’s intelligent yet somewhat uptight protagonist, Dr. Temperance Brennan. The series follows the two as they work together to solve various cases with the help of forensic anthropology.

“I’ve always found anthropology fascinating,” Deschanel said. “I’ve actually never taken a course on anthropology in my life. But my parents’ best friends are anthropologists, so just talking with them I have been thinking like that for a long time.”

Unlike Boreanaz, Deschanel explained that it was the show’s anthropological holistic approach to things – as opposed to psychological focus on the individual – that drew her attention to the series.

“Anthropology looks at a whole culture and tribe, if you will, and how people behave with each other. I think it’s very fascinating,” Deschanel said.

While her character is adept at forensic anthropology, Brennan is a little bit rusty when it comes to pop culture and human relationships, although she has improved over the course of the series.

“She is learning about pop culture and she is learning about social interaction, and she is a quick learner,” said Deschanel. “I think she has a more difficult time sometimes with the social things.”

So how will the socially inadequate Bones cope with Booth choosing Cam rather than her to accompany him to a crime scene? Find out when Bones screens on Monday, May 19th at 8:30pm on 3.

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