May In The Skies: Brewster McCloud (1970)

TCM – Saturday 24 May, 8.30pm

From his aerie high within the Houston Astrodome, with help from his offbeat friends, a boy is going to learn to fly with his homemade wings. Expect a miracle from young Brewster McCloud. Director Robert Altman weaves an offbeat tale of young McCloud (Bud Cort) who lives in an abandoned bomb shelter inside the dome and studies the flight of his pet birds. He’s helped in his quest by the seraphic Louise (Sally Kellerman), thwarted by Daphne Heap (Margaret Hamilton) and seduced by Suzanne (Shelley Duvall). But when murder victims start to appear – covered in telltale bird droppings – this story of a quirky young man with a dream to break free takes an ominous turn.

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