Money Envy

Tuesday, May 27th at 9.30pm

This fascinating documentary asks why we are a generation motivated by bank balances and consumer goods, and delves into the world of the super-rich to try and uncover whether being rich is really all it’s cracked up to be. Many people have dreams of winning the lottery or getting an unexpected financial windfall, but what does it really take to become a millionaire in today’s society? Is it all about good luck and a knack for bluffing, or is it only workaholics who can hope to become stinking rich? What is fuelling the nation’s desire to make a mint? With consumerism at an all-time high, are people simply chasing the A-list lifestyle? These are the questions that presenter, and award-winning comedian, Stephen K Amos tries to answer. In an attempt to discover what is really driving money mania, Amos meets a whole host of characters, including self-professed millionaire Tre Azam (star of the third series of The Apprentice); founder of Jimmy Choo Tamara Mellon; Chief Executive of Ann Summer and Knickerbox Jacqueline Gold; and multi-millionaire property tycoon (and A-list fitness advisor) Scott Alexander. As well as reporting on those who have inherited their wealth, Money Envy investigates the phenomenon of overnight millionaires such as Martha Lane Fox, who made a bundle from selling her website

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