New Zealand's Next Top Model

Do you think we should have a New Zealand’s Next Top Model?

The US and Australian versions are huge hits and we haven’t had anything like this in NZ before. Why haven’t we had one? I think it could be huge!

Could get Rachel Hunter in as the host – surely she could find time in her schedule to come back home for this?

We have plenty of fashion industry success story gurus who could show off their wares in the show which would totally rock.

What do you think?

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  • nanisnap

    I think this would be a cool show. I have wondered before why no one has put one together yet? Maybe its just a matter of time now that we have New Zealand’s Got Talent, and had NZ Idol.

  • samofthewest

    I fully agree, if we do a version that wouldn’t be as cringe worthy as NZ Idol then it could be cool.
    Rachel Hunter would definitely be probably the top person to host it, not sure who else could!

  • TJ

    I think it would be a fantastic idea to show the world us NZers are great looking girls too! And it would open doors of opportunity in many areas for modelling etc for the people that could do well on the show! If Aussie can do it why cant we!

  • MrCynical

    More chances for girls to humilatite themselves and cry on TV, whop-de-crap

  • monreve

    only if they bring charlotte dawson over from australia to hozt it

  • Rachel

    Looks like it’s coming soon to TV3!

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  • Sampeppa

    well i too think it is a good idea,i agree on letting the world know that new zealand has just as beautiful girls as they do alse where. Gives the girls here a chance to open there door to their dream. cant wait to watch it!