Premieres May 26

Monday / May 26 / 10pm

It’s been 5 years since the last series, and the Back Of The Y team has failed to mature in any way! If anything, the new Back Of The Y is more pathetically juvenile, violent and toilet humour heavy than ever. Host Danny Parker (Matt Heath) returns with his one-of-a-kind talk show. Each week he subjects viewers to a barrage of crude skits and irresponsible stunts – cheered on by a live studio audience.

This season also welcomes back Danny’s mentally disturbed co-hosts Spanners Watson and Corky Mandrake, who have not yet resolved their vicious long-standing feud.

We introduce Ray Smoodiver Porn Detective – The King of Action. Each week he embarks on an epic porn related adventure, covering movie genres from Tron to Vietnam. Ray lives with his mother who has a draconian stance on self-abuse and is a constant cause of conflict.

We dust off the archives and revisit classic stunts from Randy Cambell’s great grandfather, Col Calamity Cambell – an 18th century stuntman with a fondness for animal cruelty.

And, Pooman and Wees – the animated superheroes from last season and New Zealand’s shittest crime fighting duo have now come to life! Each week they battle foul villains in the seedy underbelly of toilet related crime… using their powers of defecation for the good of all!

All New Back Of The Y is the most wilfully offensive television you’ll see all year!

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