Friday, 23rd May at 8.30pm

The return of the popular British series that matches up two very different families with completely opposing ideas of what makes a good holiday and sends them away together for two weeks. Tonight, a traditional fun-loving family from West Sussex who go to Tenerife, team up with a family from Peterborough, who love the peace and activity challenges presented by the mountains and rivers of the Lake District. The Webb-Harris family from Pagham on the South Coast love to live it large at Playas Las Americas in Tenerife. Alan (44) is a painter and decorator and definitely wears the trousers in the house. Michelle (37) loves to shop, spending Alan’s money on designer gear. Their children are Jay (16), Tia (12) and Kiki (10). When on holiday Alan spends most of his time in the bar, either by the hotel pool or clubbing. The rest of the family follows him, staying up till all hours. For Alan, taking another family with them will be no problem: “If they don’t enjoy our holiday, they haven’t got a pulse!” They’ll be taking the activity-mad Hustwayte family from Peterborough with them. Mum Julie is a physiotherapist and the family’s breadwinner. Dad Rob is a house-husband and training to be a teacher. Their two boys, Daniel (16) and Ben (13) love all outdoor pursuits, from skateboarding to canoeing, kayaking, and climbing. The whole family love to get back to nature and pit themselves against the elements.

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