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New Zealanders are world famous for getting to the top of mountains, but there’s also a keen cast of diehard cavers who are scaling their own Everest of Caves. Kieran McKay is a man driven by the need to set foot where no-one has gone before, and he’s about to delve into a cave that’s the depth of Auckland’s Sky Tower. But the underworld is fraught with danger – ten years ago a climbing accident nearly claimed his life. Last year he got the opportunity to pay one of his rescuers back – by rescuing him from a cave near Nelson. 20/20’s Pete Cronshaw takes us into the underworld to explore this remarkable story of survival and friendship.


When their 18-year-old daughter died in a car accident Christos and Lesli Catsouras thought they’d endured the worst life had to offer. But then came an unbelievable nightmare. A photo of their daughter Nikki’s body, decapitated, and lying in the crumpled wreckage, was somehow released onto the internet. Within weeks they’d begun to receive anonymous emails and texts containing the gruesome images – forcing them to relive their agony over and over again. 20/20 looks at who’s responsible, and more importantly, whether the net nasties can be removed for good.


It promises so much for anyone who’s ever wanted to lose a few kilos without going under the knife. Lipodissolve is the hot new craze in America, and has been on offer here in New Zealand. It’s been marketed as lunchtime lipo – simply a few injections and voila – it’ll dissolve away your trouble spots of extra fat. But 20/20’s been inundated with women who’ve had horrific side effects. We investigate just how safe it really is.


Sometimes the will to live can be an incredible and almost superhuman motivator when we’re faced with adversity. Heather Bland was run over when her mother backed out of the driveway, and doctors didn’t think she had a chance. But the tiny child fought back, surgery after surgery, year after year. After nearly 200 surgeries, she’s now living the life she never thought she’d be able to. 20/20 has her incredible story and inspirational thoughts on why she survived, and what keeps her going.


Where there’s smoke, there’s a problem. Smokers have gradually been shunted from offices, and then bars. But now one woman says the ‘smoke free’ movement could leave her homeless. The neighbours in her apartment have taken a lawsuit claiming that while she may be smoking in her own home – it’s too much of a risk for their health. 20/20 looks at whether home could be the next smoking battlefield.

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