Thursday, 15th May

Thursday, 15th May at 9.30pm

When Ben and Belle are out on a run he tells her he’s getting married to his girlfriend, Vanessa. Belle’s hurt; he’s been engaged for weeks without telling her. When a client says he’d like to try S and M, she decides to give it a go. She meets a professional dominatrix who shows her the ropes (literally). Using her slave as an example, the domme teaches Belle how and where to use a whip and how to treat the client. She gives Belle an insight into the world of S and M. During the session, Ben calls, wanting to make it up with Belle. She’s been in a mood with him and refused to take phone calls since the revelation about the engagement. When Belle hears the messages, she gets increasingly angry and lets this out on her client. She goes further than he’s comfortable with and has to apologise. She tries to have it out with Ben but he says he doesn’t know why he should tell her everything when she clearly tells him nothing. He says it’s so obvious she’s keeping secrets…maybe they’re not as close as Belle likes to think. This worries Belle – and feeling like she’s going to lose her friend, she decides to let him in on her secret. She sends him a text with her professional website address.

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