TV show garden renovation undone

Some people are just not worth the air they breathe.

A Nelson woman, Trish Moir, was rewarded for her community spirit with a garden makeover by TVNZ’s Mucking In after being nominated by local police for her volunteer work at the police station. However, the new plants and ornaments have been stolen just one day later.

Community constable John O’Donovan, who nominated Ms Moir, said they were incensed by the actions of the “ultra low-life” responsible and that they would be caught as the items stolen were easily recognisable.

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  • DaMo

    That totally sucks.

    I hope the thieves have a conscience and do the right thing.

  • Fozzy Bear

    I can’t help but think If they’d done the show differently (when it started, it was the latest in a huge, much-of-a-muchness glut of gardening shows) and given them a new car or round the world trip for all the long service the recipients of this show’s “prize” this wouldn’t have happened.
    It would have been a much shorter show too!
    “Hi there, welcome to ‘Mucking In’.”
    This is Dave, he’s done a lot of great stuff for his community over the last decade.”
    Here’s your new car / holday tickets, Dave, thank you.”
    “Thanks” says Dave
    “Goodnight everybody!.”

  • dragon72

    What the bet that there will be a ‘special’ Mucking In later this year.

  • bobscoffee

    wouldn’t be against that if there was