Win Moon TV Gear

To celebrate the launch of the all new MooN TV Network we’re giving away some t-shirts (MooN TV and Speedo Cops) and DVDs from That Guy.

If you’d like to land yourself one of these pieces of hot property and be the cool kid in your street then tell us about your favourite MooN TV show and why you like it and we’ll put you in the draw.

Don’t forget to check out the MooN TV website too with Leigh Harts video blog:

MooN TV airs on TV2, Wednesday’s at 10:30pm

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  • Tui

    The Hampsterman. too funny.

  • nanisnap

    That show was meh.

  • some1

    I went to the web site, it looks like it is going to be another crap TV station, like CrapFore.

  • Jacob B

    I Love the late night breakfast show at Target Furniture Hypermart! It was funny when they were talking about marquees, and they were comparing them to tents! Its hilarious to see the staff take bits away from the set as they are sold! Can’t wait for more!

  • Cameron V

    Bookzone. Joe Bennett’s dry humour and Leigh Hart go great together

  • Tui

    When does this comp close?

  • Rory

    The Speed Cooking episode with Jo Seager must win hands down….

  • tvnewser

    Hamsterman is hillarious!

    Colin has never been to Amsterdam, he is an alcoholic petshop owner from Takanini.

    I love his blank stares and delayed reactions to things such as a bag of pellets falling on his head.

    Also the fact that Colin loves a good Speights!!

  • Reg

    Speedo Cops is just the classic of MTN. I mean, only one reality show could tackle the subjects of racism, domestic abuse, drugs, and seafood and make it so damn funny. The one in about season two where they went into a persons house who they suspected to be a video pirate is just classic.

    Call it in, Speedo Cops is the greatest.

  • rad3

    Hamsterman music video can be seen at or TVNZ on demand has it but loads pretty slowly

  • rad3

    What is wrong with the Moon TV website ?

  • pidgey

    its all funny as but its gotta be the speed cookig for sure, or that gary dude i think it is that always has cashys