Alien Force

Cartoon Network – Wednesday 9 July, 4.00pm

Five years have past since we last saw Ben Tennyson transforming into aliens and fighting crime. Today, he is a well adjusted, normal teenager who has put away the Omnitrix to focus on his high-school life. Circumstances arise however, and Ben is once again forced to turn to the Omnitrix to help fight a new and more sinister threat – the DNAliens and Forever Knights. Through time, as Ben learns, the aliens he was once so familiar turning into are no longer there, and Ben is forced to rely on the powers of a new set of alien heroes. In order to fight the DNAliens, Ben enlists the help of his cousin, Gwen, the bad-turned-good Kevin 11 and a new group of part-human/part-alien kids, all with the same Plumber heritage that Ben and Gwen possess. Once again, the fate of the world rests on the shoulders (or in this case wrist) of Ben 10.

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