Extraordinary Hoarders

Crime & Investigation Network – Monday 23 June, 9.30pm

1 in 200 Brits is a hoarder: someone who can’t stop collecting things and can’t bear to throw them out. Hoarding is a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. But it’s a condition filled with shame and guilt. In fact, hoarders are so secretive that even their closest friends might not know the truth. This is a film about the extraordinary world of the compulsive hoarder… What happens when the obsession takes over…? When the hoarding ruins their life…? And worst of all, when the hoard tears their family apart? CI takes a closer look at characters that suffer from this hoarding compulsion which compels them to keep large amounts of items that to the outside world are considered worthless– but to them are hugely valuable. Take 48-year old William who every night, under the cover of darkness, heads out on a stealth mission to forage for goods in his neibhbours rubbish bins. Lurking under the piles of his rubbish correction lie 30 pots of William’s own faeces and urine. It turns out that William was mentally abused by his parents and this is his revenge.

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