Freeview announce first Integrated Digital TVs

Freeview, the free-to-air digital television and radio platform, today announced the launch of the first suite of integrated digital TV’s, in conjunction with leading manufacturer Sony.

The arrival of the Sony BRAVIA V and W series marks a stunning start to the new line-up of products due to enter the market between now and Christmas 2008 that will have Freeview|HDTM built-in.

Along with integrated digital TV’s (iDTV’s), a number of new (stand-alone) digital receivers, including those with recording capability, are set to arrive in 2008.

In addition to the increasing choice in digital receivers, from the 8th of August Freeview will enable its viewers to experience this year’s biggest TV event, the Olympics, in high definition* on TV One plus 24/7 coverage on Freeview channel 20 – TVNZ Sport Extra.

Steve Browning, GM of Freeview, comments: “Freeview is undoubtedly the best way to experience the Beijing Olympic Games with TV One and TVNZ Sports Extra, a whole extra channel of Olympic coverage only available via Freeview”.

“The integrated digital TV’s provide the best solution for Kiwi’s who are yet to upgrade to a high definition TV as there’s no longer a requirement for a separate digital receiver, you get the superb quality that is synonymous with Freeview and there’s no fuss when it comes to installation or set up,” he adds.

“The compelling combination of a growing list of great products, your favourite shows in digital quality and no monthly subscription means there’s never been a better time to embrace Freeview and go digital,” he concludes.

The Freeview|HDTM service is currently available to around 75 per cent of New Zealand homes via UHF transmission. Homes outside these areas can still enjoy the benefits of an integrated digital TV with the additional purchase of a Freeview satellite receiver, and satellite dish if required.

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  • clintgeo

    So, do these tv’s still need to be hooked up to an aerial? I have freeview hd in the lounge but it would be ool to have in my room, but I can’t connect to an aerial there.

  • regan

    yes, you’ll still need a UHF aerial. You might get away with some rabbit ears if you don’t have an aerial socket in your bedroom

  • nanisnap


  • John Lambourne

    I have bought a Sony Bravia with Freeview built-in. This is for a place on the west coast, so no UHF reception, so I have intalled a satellite dish.

    The tv is not picking up reception, when connected to the Satellite TV connection.

    Does the Sony built in Freeview only work with UHF ? Do I need to buy a digital receiver (Freeview box) ?

  • Eric

    John if you are on the west coast, why dont you contact

    Service Plus
    6 Washington Way
    0800 00 77 22

    they are Sony agents.
    I found via Sony web site
    it seems the Bravia tv series has a “DVB-T” Tuner
    you could contact Sony via there web site (if you can) but that is the reason why they have agents all over NZ

    I did a google on “DVB-T Tuner”
    When you installed your satellite dish, did you align it properly with a alignment tool? They are a bit more tricky to align compared to a UHF aerial.

  • Eric

    lettuce no how you get on John

  • john L

    Thanks for the advice – just realise i do need a satellite decoder – so much for the Bond & Bond salesman (I fully described the situation) as he assured me I could link straight in, moral of the story go to a specialist store!