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sneak preview: we bring you the hottest highlights of the Shortland Street week ahead, right here.

Sophie McKay (Kimberley Crossman) has a new partner in crime, in the form of new Japanese exchange student Olive Moronuki (Echo Di Zhu). Olive’s from a very sheltered background and Sophie is determined to teach her how to have a good time while she’s in New Zealand. Number one on the agenda is to attend Kieran’s (Adam Rickitt) illegal dance party. But when Sophie’s dad, Callum (Peter Mochrie) get’s wind of the scheme, he puts his foot down, leaving Sophie to turn to brother Hunter (Lee Donoghue) for help. Will Olive and Sophie get to dance the night away or will they be restricted to hearing about the dance party second hand?

Gerald’s (Harry McNaughton) uptight attitude to cleanliness may finally pay off, when the health of the hospital staff is threatened by a nasty illness.
When fellow receptionist Yvonne (Alison Quigan) has to go home sick, Gerald can’t help but feel smug that his own high personal standards of hygiene have kept him foot loose and germ free. Can Gerald really fight off a highly contagious illness with a face mask and some rubber gloves or is he just prolonging the inevitable?

Dr Chris Warner (Michael Galvin) is forced to re-evaluate his opinion of old friend Hone Ropata (Temuera Morrison) this week.
Warner has long since thought of Dr. Ropata as an easy-going kind of guy, but when Hone becomes easily angered while out for a drink, Chris is forced to take him home before any further trouble starts. Reflecting on his time in Africa, it becomes clear to Chris that despite his proud and calm exterior, Hone is suffering from some inner turmoil.
What could possibly have happened in his past to affect Hone so badly?

More will be revealed in upcoming episodes of New Zealand’s favourite drama.

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  • Anon

    It’s nice seeing a new character Olive in Shortie, it’s quite fresh. However it bugs me that she was meant to be Japanese, but she has a very dominant Chinese characteristics and accent, and she definitely looks older than 16.