Mike Hosking temporary back-up host for Close Up

Mike Hosking will be the back up host for Close Up during Paul Henry’s leave.

Mike will fill in for Close Up host Mark Sainsbury as required over the next eight weeks while Mark’s usual back-up, Paul, is on holiday. His first night on air is Friday 20 June.

Mike Hosking is a highly experienced broadcaster who has worked extensively in radio and television. Mike currently hosts NewstalkZB’s Saturday morning programme, and will take over the station’s top-rating weekday breakfast programme when Paul Holmes retires next year.

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  • anita chan

    WOW! this was definitely a shock.

  • jwil1

    I wasn’t expecting that – I was expecting TVNZ to choose someone like Greg Boyed or Neil Waka.

  • DanielM

    Hmm, very interesting. I’ll be watching to see how this pans out.

  • rad3

    Hosking kics Sainsburys arse

  • Fozzy Bear

    Agreed. Hosking has the aura that he would take the interviewee out the back and beat the #$%& out of them if they try to pull a swiftee on him. It’s that bad ass new hairdo!
    But I haven’t watched a full episode of Close up since Holmes jumped the shark and Wood made it all about her, her, her!
    To me, Sainsbury is a damn good reporter, but just doesn’t have the oomph as a host, sorry.
    Presenting and the whole way the news is delivered has gone downhill sooo much over the last few years.
    We’ve stopped being TVNZ and started being a half-ass version of Fox.
    Subjective, scaremongering, image driven, shallow…
    Dougel Stevenson and Philip Sherry would never have put up with this.

  • Jayne

    Mark all the way . Someone you willingly welcome into your home of an evening. He probes with dignity never belittling people and the sparkle is always close to the surface.
    He must be comfortable in his own skin , never feels the need to prove how clever he is or score points. Gotta love that.

  • Lesley Thorpe

    Pleeeze TVNZ do NOT have Mike Hosking for Who Wants to be a Millionaire!! Let’s have someone with some intelligence.
    Is Jim Mora not available?

  • MrCynical

    Dude needs a haircut

  • Sarah Lang

    Jane, did you mean Mark or Mike?