NZ Premiere

Vibe – Saturdays from 5 July, 6.30pm

What happens when you take ten self-declared beautiful people, and challenge them to live together? And how long before the beautiful people turn ugly? Welcome to the luxurious Vanity Lair. Vanity Lair is a reality experiment hosted by British “It-Girl” and former model Alexa Chung. The aim of the experiment is to challenge those taking part to question what they find attractive in others and what others find attractive in them. Each is competing to be crowned the most beautiful and win a cool £10,000. Although the residents live in luxury, they will be constantly tested and judged. Each week they undergo an experiment aimed at testing them on one specific area of attractiveness – from “How sexy are you?” to “How will you age?” and “How honest are you?” How will the other Lairmates react to 18-year-old Tony’s comments that he would rather lose his legs than his hair? And how will Tony respond to the results of the first experiment… this must be seen to be believed! Additionally, every week three outsiders must compete for a single place in the coveted Lair. The Lairmates must decide who stays, but at a cost – the outsider they choose will have to pick a Lairmate who must leave the Lair forever. Things could get ugly…

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