Scientology And Me

Crime & Investigation Network – Sunday 13 July, 7.30pm

Founded by L Ron Hubbard fifty years ago, the Church of Scientology has a colourful and controversial history. In court, it has paid millions of dollars in compensation for causing emotional distress, thousands to a judge for libelling him, and even settled out of court over the wrongful death of one of its members. Now Scientology is fighting to prove that it has become a global movement and a force for good. In the last twelve months it’s opened 1,300 new churches including a new UK HQ in London. The chief superintendent of the City of London police welcomed the Scientologists, saying that they brought ‘positive good’ and were committed to ‘bettering this world’. The movement, refused recognition as a religion in the UK but supported famously by Tom Cruise and John Travolta, has flocked to disaster scenes such as 9/11 to provide support for rescue workers and claims to have cured countless drug addicts with a bizarre vitamin and vinegar regime. Critics are unconvinced. Our reporter, John Sweeney, wants to find out whether Scientologists have finally put their past behind them. But there’s one thing he has to remember before he begins his journey – Scientology have a long history of hostility towards investigative journalists.

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