Shortland Street's shock death of Toni Warner

Shortland Street pulled out a big surprise tonight with the sudden death of long standing character Nurse Toni Warner, played by Laura Hill. Toni appeared on the show in 2001 and married Chris Warner, played by Michael Galvin, in 2004.

Laura took an extended break from filming last year but returned to play Toni in December. Toni lost a kidney in the dramatic season cliffhanger and tonight died from kidney failure after contracting the norovirus.

We wish Laura Hill all the best in her acting future!

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  • Jay

    Bye Laura,
    I for one will certainly miss you. You were my favourite character and feel like I have lost a friend. Not sure if I want to watch anymore without you there. Good luck with your future endeavours.

  • cyberzspace20

    RIP Toni =(

  • SJ

    WOW, shock end tonight, was not expecting that all, it was definately kept quiet! will miss toni loads, she was a cool character! xoxoxo

  • tvnewser

    That was actually quite unexpected!

  • I was really dissapointed with that. Laura was a real actress that I could enjoy watching.

    Such a shame to kill of a shortie fav 🙁

    Good luck laura

  • Jason

    Wow that was a shock another tissue moment

    Good luck laura

  • marissa

    wow i did not expect that
    she was one of my favouritecharacters
    that was sad especially for her son

  • summy

    That was a massive shock and I hope you get some more kewl characters. I love shorty street:)

  • Apple11

    Her death felt both forced and rushed. Instead of feeling any sort of sadness over it, I couldn’t help but laugh. She must have pulled the plug on her contract pretty quickly beforehand.

  • boots

    very sad to see Toni die.

    happened so fast!

  • paula

    That was so unexpected – and completely unwanted! Now I only have 1 favourite left! Which, Amanda Billings – done a great job in her reaction.

    I really liked Toni 🙁

  • m.v

    poor harry i feel sorry 4 him losing his mother.

  • Poppy

    I was so gutted last night when Toni died!! I know it’s only a programme, but you do get to know the characters, and really like them. I felt the funeral that the writers came up with was one of the worst and lamest to date. She deserved a way better send off than that! Really sad that an actress could be on the show for that long, and get that kind of send off! That’s like working for the same firm for 30 years and being given a $10 Warehouse voucher!! Good luck to Laura Hill for the future, will miss her!!

  • kat

    I too am so shocked Toni died, she was a solid character … I missed the episode where she died and was so shocked tonight .. the end was sad too ,… bye toni… you rock Laura Hill !

  • M

    That was so unexpected! The saddest part was when Sarah came out and told Chris and Harry 🙁

    I’m gonna miss toni! xxx

  • HHH

    still really sad from it totally shocking

  • Elmo

    Laura Hill – You rock! keep up the great work

  • F.L

    I loved Toni’s character and was very shocked and sad to see her go. I have watched shorty since the beginning and Toni has always been a favourite. I even remember her giving birth to Harry and loved how shorty made this amazing character who went from being a party girl to a loving, devoted mother. I was really disappointed with the funeral, as Toni was a much loved character I expected a lot more drama and grief. Good luck to you Laura Hill, you have grown so much as Toni in my eyes and will always be a fav. 🙂

  • Ding Dong

    I know!! Chris has all that money at least they could have done something special like flashbacks or her starting at shorty or even in a bigger church.

    Why is the producers of the show killing off all the females for? Insult to woman i reckon.

    I hope Chris keeps Toni memory alive for little Harry and not jump into bed with the first lady he mets

  • ChchTVaddict

    Add me to the “shocked”

  • Tapiwa

    I think killing her off was a really bad disistion as she is a really cool character

  • Nathan.

    I’m going to be one hundred percent honest and admit that I have never been more disappointed with the producers of Shortland Street, than I am now. For a veteran character to be fare welled from the show like Toni Warner was is disgraceful. Everything about the episode and its lead up to her passing was absolutely appalling.

    By having Toni die out of the blue in the last minute, the writers did not let the audience appreciate her final scenes on the show and properly say goodbye to the character. Also, to have a storyline as trivial as Kieran’s illegal dance parties coincide with Toni’s last moments was downright insulting to Laura Hill and the years that she has spent with the show. The whole episode should have been devoted to her.

    What’s more, could the writers not have concocted Toni’s final storyline so that it played out over a couple of weeks instead of a couple of days? Everything was so hurried and abrupt, which eventually had me sitting in front of the telly, mouth gaping open, thinking “WTF just happened?!” when it all came to its hasty conclusion on Thursday night. To add to my disgruntlement, the episode was produced made it seem as though toddlers had done all the behind-the-scenes work. For example: One minute, Sarah and T.K. are walking down the corridor, happy as Larry; the next minute, both of them are worried and the viewer is left to figure out why.

    To make matters worse, the episode following her death was just as upsetting. It lacked any sort of realistic emotion, and neither Guy nor Tuesday were there, along with an excuse as to why they weren’t. You would think that they would come considering they went through so much together. Not to mention the fact that the funeral was very, very short with hardly anybody there. In the entire episode, Chris didn’t even manage a tear, and I thought Sarah would have broken down bearing in mind the emotional mess she has been in these past few months. Callum’s quote “I don’t want to take advantage of Chris’ misfortune” should have been “I don’t want to take advantage of Toni’s death.” He and Toni were quite close and we didn’t even get to hear his thoughts on the whole matter. The same goes for the nurses. It didn’t even seem like they cared that their workmate had died. The producers had a wonderful opportunity to make two heart-wrenching episodes, but they failed to do so.

    Anyway, enough of my bitching. I’m obviously saddened by what the show has done, as I sincerely thought it would show a lot more respect to Toni/Laura and give her the send-off that she undoubtedly deserved. Nevertheless, best wishes to Laura Hill, and I wish her luck with the future!

  • tvnewser

    I actually think it was pretty well done.
    In real life death is often sudden and suprising, to have a few weeks of episodes leading up to her death would have made it very unrealistic and would have taken all the elements of suprise out of the storyline.
    Guy and Tuesday were off climbing some mountain by the way – Toni mentioned this a couple of episodes beforehand.

  • Charter Obligation

    I liked the fact that it was sudden… it’s so lovely these days to be genuinely surprised by a TV drama (as it’s normally so hard to avoid spoilers!)

    Toni dies, below: