3 August

Starts Sunday 3 August at 5.30pm

In BeTWEEN is a new local issues-based series for tweens presented by Julia Wright and Jeremy Hollis in front of a live studio audience. The show deals with all the hard stuff that tweens want to know about but don’t know who to ask.

Topics include dating, bullying, sport, sex, friends, music, and parents. In BeTWEEN questions tweens about their feelings and knowledge on the topics and also includes interviews with well-known Kiwis such as Temepara George, Anna Fitzpatrick, Carena West and Junior from Nesian Mystic, Hayley Holt and Lani Purkis from Elemeno P.
Julia Wright and Jeremy Hollis were delighted to land roles on the informative series.

“I was involved with the show from the very first stage so have been excited about it for a long time now!” says Wright.

“I’m glad I get to be one of the people talking about stuff that hasn’t been talked about before – especially because all of the issues we focus on are so real and so big for our audience.”

Both believe that In BeTWEEN is an important show.

“When I was a tween, it was tough,” says Hollis. “Not only are you going through all the body changes, but you’re learning how to deal with your own emotions, with other people, and girls! A show like this where tweens get to hear from others who are going through the same thing can realise that they’re not alone, and even get some tips on how to best deal with everything!”

Wright agrees. “No one has done it before but it is so needed. Tweens really love that game ‘Chinese Whispers’ and information can get very twisted. So we are here telling it like it is and finding out the truth about the issues they are facing.” Wright believes that the bullying episode will have a big impact.

“It is such a massive issue, so serious and I hate it so much. It is completely ruining young peoples’ lives and I get passionate about bringing that into the light. Also letting victims know that they are not alone and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Hollis particularly enjoyed making the music episode as he plays bass in a band called The Gaze, but the show he thought was the most relevant was the one on divorce.

“Neither Jules’ or my parents are still together, and it’s an issue that affects so many children. I went to an all-boys boarding school where most of the boys came from broken homes and know first-hand the huge effect that kind of change can have on people, and it’s not nice mostly. What I liked most about this episode was that we really explored how things get better – though it does take a bit of time.”

In the first episode of In BeTWEEN, it’s all about body, there are top tips for surviving puberty with your dignity intact, one brave tween gets ‘pierced’ for your viewing pleasure and Rachel Henderson – one of New Zealand’s top skiers who hasn’t let having one arm keep her off the medal podium – joins Julia and Jeremy on the couch.

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