August 20 2008

It’s the week of the Royal Wedding and the streets are buzzing with excitement. Alex has mixed emotions of the day. She was eight years old at the time and remembers she was left alone at boarding school to watch the event on television. Her mother is also on her mind as she appears on the television, embroiled in a high-profile legal case with the Met.

Gene is on edge. He wants to keep the streets quiet for Lady Di’s wedding or as he puts it in his own inimitable way “There will be no hiccups between now and the twanging of the royal hymen” – so when a protesting family threatens to disturb the peace, he races onto the scene. The Bonds are being forced out of their pub due to the redevelopment of the Docklands and have barricaded themselves in as a protest. Gene sympathises with their cause, but persuades them to keep quiet until Charles and Diana have tied the knot.

No sooner is that fire put out, than another one starts. News comes in of a bomb on CID’s patch. An unlucky dog has been blown up, and now there’s a note saying that the next bomb will target the developer, Danny Moore. Danny is a Thatcherite whose charm provides a pleasant distraction for Alex, for whom the bomb scares have been painful reminders of how her parents were killed. She is desperate to forget everything and Danny provides the perfect escapism. But with a potential bomber on the loose, Gene needs Alex to focus on the task in hand.

ASHES TO ASHES, Wednesday 13th August at 9.30pm

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