Beth Allen plays Brooke Freeman

Brooke Freeman

When Beth Allen was cast as Shortland Street’s newest sex siren Dr Brooke Freeman, she didn’t bargain on having to get up close and personal with some of New Zealand’s most adored characters.

“When you audition for a role on Shortland Street you are given a good idea of the type of character you may be cast as, but it can change,” explains Allen. “I knew that I could end up playing the girl about the office, but I didn’t anticipate that I was going to be playing such a vixen! It’s hilarious that I’m vying for the affections of Dr Chris Warner. Who would have thought I’d get my chance with Doctor Love?”

At just 24, Beth has an impressive list of credits under her belt including a core cast role as ‘Amber’ on internationally acclaimed children’s series The Tribe, roles on Power Rangers and Outrageous Fortune. Taking on a role in Shortland Street seems like the natural step for this Auckland-born actor.

“Shortland Street is a national icon,” says Allen. “It’s a show I’ve always wanted to work on, and when the character of Brooke came along it felt like the right opportunity for me. Brooke is an ideal role in that she is sassy and sophisticated. I’ve featured in a lot of teenage dramas playing young characters. It’s great to be able to play an adult – and not just any adult – a real femme fatale.”

This week on air it becomes clear that despite her outward appearance of being cool, calm and collected, there’s more to Brooke than meets the eye.

“Cracks in Brooke’s exterior start to show,” says Allen of her character. “If things aren’t going her way, or people start to doubt her, she struggles to maintain her composure. Brooke likes to keep her work and private life very separate. It’s only natural though, everyone has their little secrets.”

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